The attendance success of the 23. Scientific Picnic of the Polish Radio and Copernicus Science Center

Science Picnicy, whichory this year was held under the motto „We and Machines”, is Europe’s largest popular science outdoor event. Organized wspolnie by Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Center, is already a recognized international brand. For years it has attracted many foreign visitors and has been a modelor to follow: Ukraine, Georgia, Croatia, Russia and Lithuania organize their Picnics.

This year, for the first time, the Picnic space was divided into 7 thematic zones: Zone of the Future, Civilization, Health, Cult Experimentationow, Family, Relaxation, „Zrob to sam”, Foreign Visitors Zone. This allowed visitors to easilyob found the demonstrations most interesting to them thematically. More than 200 exhibitorsow shared their knowledge, throughout the day organizing attractive, because from the first hours besieged demonstrations. There were humanoid robots, answering simple questions, aroused curiosity, because in the near future they will replace us as e.g. receptionists or domestic help. Guests were able to see with their own eyes how small everyday objects are printed, children enjoyed printing under the guidance of professionalsow… jelly beans, you could learn the secrets of devices used in the latest medicine, cars driving without a driver and many, many other fascinating machines.

Many osob asked themselves: whether ktohe day we don’t wake up in a world dominated by technology? Who is able to predict what artificial intelligence will be used for? – Machines bring us progress, but we must believe in the rationality of man, ktory these machines design and define their purposes – answered Copernicus Science Center Director Robert Firmhofer.

More than 50,000 peopleob spent the day at PGE Narodowy. The relaxation zones were popular, e.g. Polish Radio to Children, where fairy tales were read to children and where you could see how easy it is to steer a car with your thoughts. Whole families participated in arcade and board games, children were impressed by both robots and dinosaurs!

– Polish Radio has been present at the Picnic for 23 years, and we are very proud of it – mowi President of Polish Radio Andrzej Rogoyski. – One’s heart grows when one sees how much interest this exceptional event was met with this past Saturday. Apparently, together with the Copernicus Science Center, we correctly assessed the need for knowledge and closer acquaintance with machines, those whoore accompany us every day, but also those whoore yet to be tested in research centers, to help us in life and even save our lives. This year’s turnout proves that the Science Picnic is an important and needed event not only for Varsovians.