Smart solutions for Poland from the Space Hackathon

Copernicus Hackathon, an event that stimulates the development of technologies based on data from observation satellites, will take place in Poland for the first time in November. To find solutions tailored to the needs of the three Polish regions, the organizers are inviting teams specializing in the use of data from Earth observation (EO) satellites.

The search for new ideasow on the use of the Copernicus program’s open EO satellite data, creating applications tailored to the needs of the region’s smart specializationsoin (RIS) for specific sites in Poland, to participate in the competition with the best engineering teamsoin and programmersow and the possibility of inclusion in a special accelerator program – All this is waiting for the participantoin Poland’s first Copernicus Hackathon, whichory is part of the start-up support programoin the European Union.

The event will take place in Lublin, Krakow and Warsaw. The competition is open to zaroBoth teams from the academic and business communities. The jury will select one strongest team in each city. Spośrod this troexperts will select the best project, and the winners will have the opportunity to participate in a special acceleration program Copernicus.

Each of the one-day hackathonow will be divided into two phases. In the workshop part, experts from Astri Poland and the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography will share their knowledge on. the use of Earth Observation data. In the second – design, participants will develop business ideas for a selected issue. Topics hackathonow is roIn the second part of the competition, the companies will be selected according to the smart specializations of each regionow. Participants can thus choose the topic that best suits their interests – and thus choose a city in which toorym enter the competition.

On November 8 in Lublin, teams will seek solutions for the area ofow related to bioeconomy, medicine and health, IT and automation, and low-carbon energy. Day poLater in Krakow, the theme of the hackathon will focus wokoł life sciences, energy zroin sustainable, information technology and leisure time. The final installment of the first part of the Polish Copernicus Hackathon will take place in Warsaw on November 10, and will focus on safe food, smart systemsoin management and high quality of life. In each city, the teams will be able to create solutions in an open-ended task, so they will not be limited to the specifiedolnionych topicow.

Sposrod of the three best teams on November 17 in Warsaw, a competition committee will select the most promising project, whichorego authors will get a chance to enter the Copernicus accelerator program. The program helps entrepreneurs develop their projects, as well as raise funds for implementation and commercialization of solutions. For the remaining participantsoCopernicus Hackathon will offer additional prizes. You can register to participate in the Copernicus Hackathon via the project website until November 4. Headohe main organizer, coordinating the Copernicus Hackathon in Poland, is Kapitech, which has 20 years of experience in consulting and innovation management in the space business sector.

A 20th competition is being held in Europeoin the Copernicus Hackathon series. The challenge connects IT developersoIn and expertow experienced in using satellite data to supportohe development of new software based on the Copernicus program.