“The Flying Circus of Physics” – a global bestseller about how the world really works

On June 25, the PWN publishing house will publish the book “Flying Circus of Physics” by Jearl Walker. It is a worldwide bestseller translated into more than a dozen languages, showing that almost everything that happens around us can be explained on the basis of knowledge of physics.

This is a book different from all those treating physics. Answers thousands of questions about physics in everyday life. When walking in the rain without an umbrella, is it better to run or walk slowly? Why wet sand is darker than dry sand? When the light at an intersection changes to ¿ołte, it is better to inhibit, or perhaps accelerate? These questions, while they may seem silly, are not, and the „The flying circus of physics” includes answers to each.

„The flying circus of physics” was first published in 1975. It has since been translated into more than a dozen languagesow. Jearl Walker’s publication emphasizes physical phenomena thatore can be encountered in everyday life. The questions posed in the book concern phenomena on whichore each of us has encountered, but did not think of them as scientific phenomena related to physics.

Walker is a physics professor at Cleveland State University with a vein of popularization. While still a doctoral student, he reasserted his belief that traditional physics classes bore and were not much liked by studentsoin the direction ofoIn other than physics. He recognized that the studentow need to be persuaded about physics, and this is best done by showing them how many phenomena, experiments and skills they encounter in everyday life can be explained, understood and used by applying the concepts and laws of physics.

During his academic career, Walker has amassed a huge collection of examples ofow, experiences, trivia, stories and factsow, testifying to the fact that „physics is everywhere”, That almost everything that happens wokoł us, can be explained on the basis of knowledge of physics. And they are included in „The flying circus of physics”. As the author himself points out, the book was born out of interest in the contents of his „collection” on the part of the studentow and his colleagueow – lecturersow and assistantow.

„Physics is a great challenge, but roalso great fun. This is the most interesting subject in the world, because mowi about how the world really works. Meanwhile, most of the textbookoin physics is almost completely devoid of information about the relationship between physics and the world around us. All the pleasure of studying physics then slips away somewhere” – Walker wrote.

The stories and curiosities collected in the publication concern roof various areas of life. From physics in judo to physics in baking a meringue pie. All this given in an attractive and witty format along with detailedowith an explanation and examples. All the answers have a scientific basis, but the author has done his best to ensure that the Reader who is not involved in physics every day will not be bored, and perhaps will love it

Thanks to this publication you will see that everything in your life is nothing but physics. This publication is a must for anyone interested in teaching physics. „Flying circus of physics” can be purchased on the website of PWN bookstore.