“Physics in drawings” – difficult issues given in the simplest way

Since the dawn of time, people have been trying to understand the world around us and the laws that govern it. About the fact that it is not easy, knows anyone who has not skipped physics lessons. But with the book “Physics in drawings. The “2600 years of discoveries from Thales to Higgs” concept of physical concepts is much easier.

When words and rownania do not manage to convey ideas, drawings remain. The image can manage to break through the cognitive difficulties, and that’s what it is „Physics in drawings”. The item in the simplest possible wayow presents the complexities of the world around us, making it much easier to understand them.

„Physics in drawings. 2600 years of discoveries from Thales to Higgs” is a book thatora by means of drawingsow and krotki descriptionoIn an accessible wayob presents key issues and ideas in physics. In this position you will find fifty-one chronologically arranged most important concepts of physics explained in a simple and to the point mannerob. Despite the fact that the issues raised in it become more complicated as the pages go by, the book retains its simplicity and charm.

The very idea of explaining important and complex physical concepts through drawingsow makes it easier to understand, especiallyolently to people without physical or mathematical education. This is a much more accessible form than a dry text or lecture.

The author of the publication – Don Lemons, is professor emeritus of physics of physics at Bethel College in the USA and author of several books and a textbookoin to physics. She has more than 25 years of experience in teaching.

„Physics in drawings is written in a wayob accessible and interesting, which makes it interesting for many readersow, from grandchildren to grandmothers and grandfathers. It is not limited to physics alone, but shows it in the broader context of the development of civilization and contains a lot of interesting, yet little-known historical information” – wrote Krzysztof Rejmer, author of the book „The forgotten history of science, or the fantasies and facecias of our grandparentsow”.

„The author used in the book an original and at the same time very clear to the viewer method, i.e. drawings, whichore are not a supplement to the content, but on the contrary play in this case the mainoan important role. The author simplyob discusses each of the drawingsow, which in effect gives us a clear (an extremely important and not always encountered element) explanation of 51 important issues from the world of physics. Teachers will also be fully satisfied, ktoers hit the minds of schoolchildren with the help of this bookoin far more easily than with textbook definitions” – These, in turn, are the words of Piotr Petryla from the website Astronomia24.

„Physics in drawings” We recommend to everyone interested in learning how our world works and observing the constant progress of human knowledge! The item will interest readersoof all ages. The book can be purchased on the pages of the PWN bookstore.