Polish engineers test advanced integrated circuit for ESA

The tests took place at the Belgian Université Catholique de Louvain on February 26-28 using equipment and software supplied by Astri Polska. The company is carrying out a project on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA).

The purpose of the testow is to test the functioning of the AGGA-4 system under conditions of cosmic radiation, precisely heavy ionow and protonow. During last week’s testoin the system has been subjected to the impact of heavy ionow. In the coming months at the Paul Scherrer Institute research institute in Switzerland, the device will be subjected to proton impactsow. During all stagesoin the testow the operation of AGGA-4 is monitored by equipment and software provided by Astri Polska – the only Polish company with competence in receiver testingoin GNSS designed for space applications. The results of the research oprocz testing of the AGGA-4 itself will provide a lot of important information for the engineerow designing components for the space industry.

– AGGA-4 is another important project, whichory confirms our competence in the field of receiver testingoin GNSS for space applications,” said Karol Brzostowski, head of the Satellite Applications and Services Department at Astri Poland. – At the moment, we are carrying out for ESA three projects related to the testing of the receiveroin GNSS with a total value of approx. 3.2 million PLN. We are also working on acquiring more orders in this area,” he added.

AGGA-4 is an advanced integrated circuit designed for space applications, used as one of the mainownych componentoin space receiversoin GNSS satellite navigation. The system is realized using ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) technology, a circuit designed to perform with gory specific tasks, making it extremely efficient. In the near future, AGGA-4 will be used in satellite navigation receivers installed on m.in.: Earth observation, navigation, telecommunications satellites and launchers.

Astri Poland is the first Polish company operating in the field of space and satellite technologies, whicho100 percent. revenue comes from the space industry. Thanks to its involvement in numerous projects for the European Space Agency and the European Commission, Astri Poland is a leader in the Polish space technology market. Company specializes in providing solutions for electronics, optomechatronics and satellite applications and services. Currently, Astri Poland has about. 80 osob, głownie Polish engineersow.